Sunday, August 21, 2011

Danger! Danger!

So I haven't posted anything for the summer.  It has been a busy one, but isn't always busy when you have kids?

I haven't really completed anything significant in the knitting realm, but I have really been enjoying knitting toys.  Especially monsters and critters by Rebecca Danger of Danger Crafts.  Here are a few of my finished ones, but there will be a few more completed soon.

I am a member of the Danger Craft group on Ravelry, which I think is my favorite group.  Every couple of months or so they hold a knitting swap, where you knit a monster or critter for someone and they knit one for you.  Along with the toy, you also get little treats to go along with the package.  The first swap I participated in was the "Color Theme" swap, where everything in the swap had to be one color.  That was a little challenging but a lot of fun.  Although my kids have taken over the monkey I received, it still felt pretty special to receive a handmade gift from a perfect stranger.  I just signed up for their "Bump in the Night" swap, which is a Halloween theme.  I already have the creative juices flowing on this one.

This groups reminds me that there is always a little kid in me, even though I will be turning @!*&^%$ soon.

Happy Knitting!

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