Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am bugged!

I have written about my love of Rebecca Danger's monsters and the Ravelry Danger Crafts group.  Our most recent knitting swap was a Halloween swap.  The monsters could be cute cuddly monsters in costume or scary zombies and vampires.  My swap partner has two little girls, so I wanted to make something cute and not scary.

I chose Gabby the Garden monster as the pattern and made two of them dressed up as a bumble bee and as a lady bug.  I thought it was perfect that Gabby, who lives in the garden would choose to be her favorite garden bugs.  For the bumble bee, I added yellow and black stripes to the belly, black feet, antennas, and cute little white wings.  For the lady bug, I knit the entire monster in red except for the feet which are black.  Lady bugs have black tummies but this monster is in costume so red it is.  I stitched the outline of wings on the back with black spots sewn on, and antennas.  My son loved them so much he didn't want to let them go, but they went to a loving home.

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